oasis connect

Society has always been at its best when it has followed the ways of God. However, our world is so earthly-bound that it rejects the mind of Christ in alot its affairs. Oasis  aims to fill this gaping hole in our society. 

What we do

Oasis Connect is a one-stop ministry of information and networking for Christian influence in the community, market place and the corridors of power. We provide practical information and expert knowledge on issues facing the Christian of today. We also connect people to their community of interest and work in partnership with individuals and organisations to bring a Christian influence in a secular society. Previous subject areas covered include Effective Christian participation and influence in politics, education and nation building, Christian financial management, Connecting with the rising generation of young people, Reaching out to the persecuted church.

how you can be a part of us

If you have an ear for information and are excited about community issues, then get in touch.
If your organisation has practical information and tools for Christian living or are actively looking for partners to effect positive change in the community, we would like to hear from you.
If you want to make a difference in the lives of people where you live, work and play, but don't know how, we could be your vital link.