seasons of love

Seasons of Love
The Bible teaches that we are members of one body, with Jesus Christ as the head. As such, living the abundant life and fulfilling God’s plan for our lives cannot be achieved without other people. We are inter-dependent as people and it is imperative that we accept this fact and learn to work with and appreciate each other.

What we do
Much is done to sustain love and maintain unity among members at the Oasis of Love. Here are some examples: Oasis Olympics: An annual event comprising of a variety of group and individual sporting activities for all Divine Exchange: members of Oasis of Love and members of the public are invited to bring their old and new stuff along to church and offer them to anybody that wants them free-of-charge from the boot of their cars. Weekend-Away: An event when members of Oasis of Love and their families leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a weekend to have a relaxing time of recuperation and fellowship.

How you can be part of us

  • If you want information on upcoming “seasons of love” events get in touch for an update. 
  • If you value the activities in our “seasons of love” and are looking for a Church, get in touch to explore whether the Oasis of Love is the place for you.