Monday 8 - Sunday 15 March

Monday 8 March – Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I will walk on with God and let the full manifestation of my healing come into being. It will come as I continue to believe. Mark 16:18.

  • I am a doer of the Word. Faith is built in my heart by hearing and hearing and hearing the Word of God. Therefore, I hear the Word of God and then I act on the Word. Rom 10:17.

  • The Lord hears me when I pray. I pray according to the Word of God. And God’s Word says that I was healed almost two thousand years ago when Jesus hung on the Cross at Calvary. I agree with what God’s Word says. Psalms 4:3.

  • It is God’s will to heal me, for healing is in God’s plan of redemption. I believe the Word, and according to the Word of God, it is His will to heal me, because God wants me well. Matt 4:23.

  • It is a Bible fact that by Jesus’ stripes, we were healed 1 Peter 2:24. It is a Bible fact that surely He has borne our sicknesses and carried our pains Isa. 53:4. It is a Bible fact that Himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses Matt. 8:17. These are Bible facts, not theories. I believe the facts of God’s Word. I believe that by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed. I am not going to be healed, because I am healed now.

  • Healing belongs to us, because sickness comes from Satan. Satan is the author of sickness and disease, not God. Jesus is my Deliverer and my Healer. He was anointed by God to destroy the works of the devil, which include sickness and disease. I believe that Jesus delivered me from sickness and disease. Acts 10:38

  • Satan is the author of sickness and disease. According to Luke 13:16, John 10:10, First John 3:8, and Acts 10:38, sickness and disease come from Satan. So, I refuse anything that comes from him, and stand my ground on the Word of God, which says that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and to give me life more abundantly.


Mark 16:18,Rom 10:17,Psalms 4:3,Matt 4:23,1 Peter 2:24,Isa. 53:4-5;Matt  8:17,Acts 10:38,Luke 13:16, John 10:10, 1 John 3:8

Tuesday 9 March – Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I listen to my heart, to my innermost being. And the Lord leads me and guides me into all truth concerning healing and health 1 Pet 3:4.

  • God’s Word works. Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent His Word and healed them,” so I know He sent His Word and healed me. I no longer have sickness and disease.

  • I do not let the Word of God depart from my eyes, but I meditate on it night and day, because God’s Word is life, health, and healing to all my flesh. I see myself well and whole and healed. Josh 1:8.

  • I love the Word of God, for in it are all the answers I need. In the Word of God, I find that health and healing are for the Church, which means health and healing are for me. James 5:14-15.

  • I know this Bible fact: God has dealt with sickness and disease under the Old Covenant as well as under the New Covenant. Isaiah 53:4 and 5, Matthew 8:17, and First Peter 2:24 deal with the disease and sickness problem that faces the Church and the world today. And within those scriptures is God’s cure. According to First Peter 2:24, by His stripes, we were healed!

  • According to Acts 10:38, sickness and disease come from the devil, the oppressor. Healing comes from Jesus, the Deliverer!


1 Pet 3:4,Josh 1:8,James 5:14-15, Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 8:17, and 1 Peter 2:24,Acts 10:38

Wednesday 10 March – Declarations of Healing and Health

  • When I asked God to forgive me, He forgave and forgot my transgressions and my iniquities. I am clean before Him because of the blood of Jesus Christ. Because I refuse to dwell on any past mistakes or sins, I receive healing now! Is 43:25.

  • If God’s Word says something is mine, I believe it’s mine. God’s Word says that healing is mine. Father God show me any adjustments I need to make in my life in order to receive my healing (Sos 2:15).

  • I abide in Jesus and let His words abide in me; then I can ask what I will, and it shall be done unto me. This is how I receive answered prayers. John 15:7

  • Healing is not going to just drop on me, even though I’m saved. No, I find out what belongs to me and I take it. Healing belongs to me; it’s mine for the taking. Matt 7:7.

  • It is through the blood of Jesus that salvation has come to all men. And just as I received salvation, I now receive healing. I accept what Jesus has already provided for me! Heb 9:12.

  • Some healings are initiated by God, but I can receive healing anytime through faith in God’s Word. I can stand on the Word of God and receive my healing. John 5:4.

  • I can reach out in faith and receive healing for myself, just like the woman with the issue of blood did. Mark 5:29.

  • I get into the Word of God and find out for myself what God says. Then I act on His Word, because acting on God’s Word always produces results.

  • I’m so glad that healing belongs to me. I’m so glad that I can initiate healing through faith by acting on God’s Word.


Is 43:25,Songs 2:15,John 15:7,Matt 7:7,Heb 9:12, John 5:4,Mark 5:29

Thursday 11 March – Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I believe in divine healing. My faith is in the power of God and I believe that the healing power is at work in my body now, effecting a healing and a cure. 1 Cor 2:5.

  • God sent His Word to heal me. His Word is life to me and health and healing to all my flesh. Ps 107:20.

  • According to Deuteronomy 28:61, _________ (fill in the particular sickness or disease) is a curse of the Law. But according to Galatians 3:13, Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the Law. Therefore, I no longer have _________.

  • I can initiate healing for myself by putting my faith in the Word of God. God’s Word says that I have been redeemed from all manner of sickness and disease. Mark 11:23.

  • I know that healing belongs to me because Jesus paid for my healing nearly two thousand years ago. As I go in and possess the land, I receive the healing that Jesus provided for me. 1 Cor 10:11, Josh 1:2-3.

  • God sent His Word and healed me. Therefore, I no longer have ___________ (fill in the particular sickness or disease). He sent His Word and healed me! Ps 107:20.

  • Father, I resist symptoms of sickness and disease just as I resist condemnation. I know that sickness, disease, and condemnation all come from the devil. And I resist what comes from him and receive Your health, healing, and freedom today! Rom 8:1.

  • Sickness doesn’t come from Heaven. There isn’t any sickness up there. Healing comes from Heaven. And healing belongs to me! Matt 6:9-10.

  • I keep the switch of faith turned on. As I go about my day, the healing power of God is working in my body to effect a healing and a cure. Luke 17:14.

  • Every day I get better and better. Every day the healing power of God is working in my body. Every day I am able to do more. John 4:52.


1 Cor 2:5,Ps 107:20,Deut  28:61,Galatians 3:13,Mark 11:23,1 Cor 10:11, Josh 1:2-3,Ps 107:20,Rom 8:1,Matt 6:9-10,Luke 17:14,John 4:52

Friday 12 March – Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I recover because Mark 16:18 says, “. . . they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

  • According to the Bible, believers can lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. I am a believer. I can lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Mark 16:18.

  • I choose to believe what the Bible says. Some people are healed instantly, and others are healed gradually. But, thank God, healing is for me! John 9:7.

  • I hold fast to my confession of faith. The power of God is working in me now to effect a healing and a cure. Heb 10:23.

  • The life of God is in me. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! 1 John 4:4.

  • God’s power is always present to heal. When I hook my faith up with the power of God, I will see results! Luke 5:17.

  • It is according to my faith that I receive from God. I choose to walk by faith and not by sight. Matt 9:29.

  • I thank You, Father God, that Your healing power is working in my body right now. I thank You that I am well and healthy and whole.  Mark 9:24.

  • It is the will of God to heal everyone. It is the will of God to heal me! Luke 6:19.

  • I don’t have to have some kind of feeling to get the multiplication table to work for me. God’s Word is as true and as workable as the multiplication table!  The Bible works for me every and anytime because the Word is already anointed. The Word is already inspired. The Word has been given by the Spirit of God. And it works when it’s not quickened to me just as well as when it is quickened to me. 2 Tim 3:16.


Saturday 13 March  – Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I search the Scriptures to discover for myself what the Bible says about healing. I choose to believe what the Bible says. I choose to believe that healing is for me now. Matt 9:29.

  • I don’t have to pray for faith to be healed. I simply accept Jesus as my Healer, just as I accepted Him as my Saviour. Matt 8:17.

  • The Word of God is the power of God. As I read the Word and meditate on the Word, I am healed. The gospel is the power of God for my healing! Rom 1:16.

  • Any affliction that my attempt to attach itself to my body were laid on Jesus. My healing was consummated in Christ. And by His stripes, I am healed! 1 Pet 2:24.

  • I resist the devil and he flees from me. I resist sickness and disease. I refuse to accept anything that the devil brings my way! James 4:7.

  • I ask in Jesus’ Name, demanding my rights. And Jesus said that whatsoever I demand in His Name, He will do! John 16:23-24.

  • When I pray, I ask in faith, believing that God heard me. I refuse to waver. I refuse to have any doubt or unbelief. Instead, I praise God for hearing and answering me. James 1:6.

  • I will not waver in my faith. I will not undo the effects of my prayers through doubt and unbelief. What God said, He will do, and I praise Him for it! James 1:7.

  • I cooperate with God and stay in faith. Instead of praying for my healing over and over, I agree that I am healed and whole. I thank God for it! James 1:8.

  • I agree with my brothers and sisters in Christ that I am healed and they are healed. We’re not going to be; we are! According to the Word of God, it is done! Deut 32:30.


Matt 9:29,Matt 8:17,Rom 1:16,1 Pet 2:24,James 4:7,John 16:23-24,James 1:6-8,Deut 32:30

Sunday 14 March  – Declarations of Healing and Health

  • Father, in the Name of Jesus we give You thanks for Your glorious Word! This is the source of our life in You Proverbs 4:20-22, Romans 8:11.

  • Your Word is very clear about Your will for us – You desire that above ALL things we prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers 3 John 2 KJV.

  • We humbly recall the sacrifice You made for this to be our reality – the death of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 11:26). We do not take this sacrifice for granted.

  • Lord Jesus, it is through You that we receive our health and wealth. Our health - it is by Your stripes that we are healed (1 Peter 2:24)! Our wealth – it is through Your grace and poverty that we become rich (2 Corinthians 8:9)! This is our birth-right as children of the Sovereign Father!

  • Therefore, in the Name of Jesus we boldly take our health and wealth by force (Matthew 11:12)! What Jesus took, we do not take. What Jesus bore, we do not bear (Matthew 8:17)!

  • We declare that we and our households walk in perfect health and abundant wealth in Jesus Name (Joshua 24:15)!

  • In the Name of Jesus, we pray. Amen!!


Proverbs 4:20-22, Romans 8:11,1 Corinthians 11:26,1 Peter 2:24,2 Corinthians 8:9,Matthew 11:12,Matthew 8:17