Monday 15 - Sunday 21 March

Monday 15 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • Whatever we need, God has made provision for us to have it. God is not withholding any of His blessings from us. He is a good God! And we simply ask for whatever we need in Jesus’ Name. John 14:14.

  • The devil is the one who brings sickness and disease, not God. We take back what the devil has stolen from us! We demand our rights in the Name of Jesus! John 10:10.

  • There is power in the prayer of agreement. We the people of OLCC agree in prayer and we count what we agree on as done! We agree in prayer for health and healing for all! Matt 18:19-20.

  • God keeps His Word. Jesus said that if two or three people gather together in His Name to agree on something, it would be done (Matt. 18:19). Thank God, He keeps His Word!

  • When we agree in prayer with someone based on the Word of God, we don’t back down. We stand our ground on the Word of God, believing that what God said is true!

  • God watches over His Word to perform it. What He said in His Word, we can have! We can have health, healing, and wholeness! Jer 1:12.

  • God is not a liar. What He has said in His Word is truth. And we believe what His Word says.  We believe that by Jesus’ stripes, we are healed and made whole. We are determined! We refuse to be denied! Num 23:19.

  • We are doers of the Word. we act on what the Word says whether we feel like it or not. We receive what the Word says belongs to us. We receive health and healing. James 1:22.


John 14:14,John 10:10,Matt 18:19-20,Jer 1:12,Num 23:19,James 1:22

Tuesday 16 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • We do not have to GET healing. Jesus already got it. And because He got it, we have it. We are already healed! 1 Pet 2:24.

  • We know the voice of our Good Shepherd, Jesus and the voice of a stranger we do not follow. We do not listen to the voice of the devil. He is a liar and the father of lies. John 10:4-5.

  • We praise God for our healing. Thank You, Father, for providing healing for us. We are so thankful that we are no longer sick. We are so grateful that we are healed and whole. Act 16:25-26.

  • We stand by faith. We stay in faith. We stay in agreement with God. We agree with what God has said in His Word. We agree that we are healed in Jesus’ Name! Rom 11:20.

  • We thank you father that One can put a thousand to flight, and two can put ten thousand to flight in the area of healing.  There is power in agreement. Agreeing with my brothers and sister in OLCC based on your word brings about healing for all. Deut 32:30.

  • The Bible says that believers, not just preachers, shall lay hands on the sick. We are believers. We lay hands on the sick according to Mark 16:18 and expect them to be healed.

  • We base our faith on what God says in His Word. We do not base our faith on what we see, hear, or feel. Things in this sense realm are temporal and fleeting, but things in the spirit realm are eternal and everlasting. 2 Cor 4:18.

  • We are not moved by what we see. We are not moved by what we feel. We are moved only by what we believe! Rom 4:17.


1 Pet 2:24,John 10:4-5,Act 16:25-26,Rom 11:20,Deut 32:30,Mark 16:18;2 Cor 4:18;Rom 4:17

Wednesday 17 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • We receive according to our faith. Jesus said that according to our faith, it is done unto us. Matt 9:29.

  • Jesus, you came to set people free. You came to bring healing and deliverance to the world. Thank You, Jesus, for giving Your life so that we at OLCC can be free! Luke 4:18.

  • We thank God for doctors and the advances of medical science, but we are so glad that we know about divine healing. We are so glad that we know Jesus took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses. Eph 5:17.

  • We receive the healing power of God into our bodies now, and we expect to recover. The healing power of God is working in our bodies to effect a healing and a cure. Mark 16:17-18.

  • Faith principles work! We exercise our authority in the spirit realm, and according to Mark 11:23, We can have whatsoever we say!

  • We say and do not doubt in our hearts. we believe that those things that we say come to pass. Every day, we say, “According to the Word of God, we are healed!” Mark 11:23.

  • God and His Word are one. We line our words up with God’s Word and see the results we have been longing for. Is 55:11.

  • We have the right to freedom from pain and sickness. We have the right to healing. And we exercise our rights. In the Name of Jesus, we command sickness and disease to go! John 14:13.

  • We believe in the laying on of hands. When a believer lays hands on us or we lay hands on ourselves we release our faith, and we start believing that we receive our healing. Mark 16:18.


Matt 9:29,Luke 4:18,Eph 5:17,Mark 16:17-18,Mark 11:23,Is 55:11,John 14:13,Mark 16:18

Thursday 18 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • We are of those who believe, and we do enter into God’s rest Heb 4:3.

  • We are not TRYING to get healing. No! we believe that we have received healing. There is a rest on the inside of us. There is a rest in our spirits. We have healing; it is ours! Prov 3:5.

  • The Bible says, “For we which have believed do enter into rest.” We believe and, therefore, enter into God’s rest. There is a conviction, an assurance, a “knowing” on the inside of us that what we have believed is ours now. Heb 4:3.

  • We believe what God’s Word says. We are quick to believe what God’s word says the same way a child is quick to believe the words of a good, loving parent.  If God said it, we believe it, and that settles it! Matt 18:3.

  • God operates by certain laws. The law of faith being one of them (Rom 3:27). He does not heal people because they are good. He heals because he is good (and his mercy endureth forever). Psalm 136:1.

  • We base our faith on what we know from God’s Word. We do not base our faith on human reasoning or understanding. We operate out of our spirit, not our heads.

  • We trust in the Lord with all our hearts. We do not lean to our own understanding. We believe we receive healing before we ever see it with our physical eyes. We reach out and take healing with the hand of faith. Prov 3:5

  • We act on our faith. We believe God’s Word. We obey the voice of the Spirit of God. We do what He tells us to do. James 2:17.

  • We will live a long life on the earth. And we will die without sickness and disease. For with long life, he satisfies us and shows us his salvation. Ge 25:8, Ps 91:6.

  • God would not require us to do something that He would not be willing to do. He tells us to forgive another person 490 times in one day. And He is willing to forgive us 490 times in one day! We receive His forgiveness, and we receive healing. Matt 18:21-22.


Heb 4:3,Prov 3:5,Matt 18:3,Rom 3:27,Psalm 136:1;Prov 3:5,James 2:17,Ge 25:8, Ps 91:6,Matt 18:21-22

Friday 19 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • Father God, we ask You to forgive us for any wrong we have committed. We thank You for forgiveness. We thank You for healing and health. James 5:16.

  • There is therefore now no condemnation to us who are in Christ Jesus. We forgive ourselves freely because we know that you have forgiven us freely! We are qualified to receive all the blessings of God, including healing. Rom 8:1.

  • Father, I obey your laws set forth in your Word and I also obey the natural laws of the land. As a result, I enjoy a long life on this earth. 1 Pet 2:13.

  • Father, I am not just a hearer of the Word.  I am a doer. I act on what your Word says, and I receive the blessing of healing. The doer of the word is blessed in his deeds. James 1:25.

  • The bible says fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.  Father, If I am acting foolishly in any way that is hindering my healing, I ask You to show me so that I can repent so you can cleanse me from all unrighteousness and that I may take my healing. Psalm 107:17-19.

  • Father, I do not want to be like Naaman who almost missed out on his healing because he wanted to do things his way.  I will obey You; I will do what You want me to do in the way You want me to do it so that I may receive my healing. Thank You, Father. 2 Kings 5:1, 9–14.

  • In Jesus name, I will not let offence open me up to the onslaught of sickness. In Jesus name, I exercise myself to have a conscience void of offence toward God and man. As a result, I keep myself open to the healing power of God. Act 24:16.

  • Father, I recognise that your blessings are free. I cannot pay for my healing.  All I have to do is receive it. I do not have to work for it. I do not have to pay for it. All I have to do is thank you for it. 2 King 5:15-16.


James 5:16,Rom 8:1,1 Pet 2:13,James 1:25,Psalm 107:17-19,Act 24:16;2 King 5:15-16

Saturday 20 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • Father, I believe you have begun a healing in my life. I walk in obedience and I will not lose my healing. I choose to walk with God. I make the decision not to live in sin. A life of sin only produces troubles and hardships. But a life of godliness and holiness produces many rewards both in this life and the one that is to come. John 5:14. 1 Tim 4:8.

  • Father, As I walk in faith, and as I walk close to you, the healing power of God drives out all sickness and disease in my body. I receive a complete manifestation of my healing.  I will not attempt to take healing without consecrating or dedicating myself to you, so I do not wind up with the same condition or something worse. As I take my healing, I learn to walk close to you, I learn to exercise my faith and I learn a great spiritual lesson in addition to taking my healing. John 5:14; Luke 17:14.

  • I repeat the following to myself daily: “Jesus took my infirmities and bare my sicknesses. I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.” Matt 8:17; Ps 118:17.

  • Jesus Christ came in the flesh. He is the Son of God. And He died for me to redeem me from sin, sickness, and disease. I am free because Jesus came to this earth and died on the cross for me. Thank You, Jesus! 1 John 4:2, Gal 3:13; Gal 1:4.

  • Doctors know in part. They can help my body naturally heal itself through medicine and other means, but only God can heal me through my spirit. God is the ultimate Doctor! 1 Cor 13:9-10, Exo 15:26. 

  • Jesus demanded faith of the persons desiring to be healed in the bible and he has not changed. I meditate on God’s Word. I build up my inner man, my spirit man. And I receive healing by faith in God’s Word.  Heb 13:8; Matt 8:13.

  • I keep my mind quiet and on Jesus. I cannot contact God with my mind. God is not a mind. He is a Spirit. (John 4:24).  I cannot contact him mentally.  I believe on the inside of me—in my heart, in my spirit—that I receive my healing now. 1 Pet 3:4.

  • I am a believer. Healing belongs to me. God sent His Word and healed me. I see myself well. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Mark 9:23.


John 5:14,1 Tim 4:8,John 5:14; Luke 17:14,Matt 8:17; Ps 118:17,1 John 4:2, Gal 3:13; Gal 1:4,1 Cor 13:9-10, Exo 15:26,Heb 13:8; Matt 8:13,John 4:24,1 Pet 3:4,Mark 9:23

Sunday 21 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I thank God for the gifts of the Spirit. And I thank God for His Word. I do not have to have the gifts of the Spirit in operation to receive healing. I can stand on God’s Word anytime and receive healing. 1 Cor 12:8.

  • I know how to stand in faith and how to resist and reject the devil and his sicknesses or pains and I will not let any devil or sickness or pain back into my body. I keep my healing.  Luke 11:24-26, Rev 3:11.

  • I study the Word of God and get it into me. I fill up with the Word and give no place to the devil. I know who I am in Christ, what I have in Him, including healing, and how to hold fast to it. Rev 3:11, Matt 12:43-45.

  • I will not always be able to depend on other people’s faith for healing. So, I take heed to the Word of God I hear for myself. I learn the Word for myself. I apply the Word to my own life. I exercise my faith and see results because the Word works for me! Mark 4:24.

  • I cannot and should not rely on another person’s faith to get things done in my own life. I believe God’s Word in my own heart. I speak God’s Word out of my own mouth. Rom 10:6-8.

  • The time will come in every Christian’s life when he has to believe God for himself. Someone else will not be able to carry him any longer.  I prepare for that time now. I build up myself on the Word of God. I feed on the Word of God so that my inner man becomes strong and when opposition comes, I am able to stand up and resist it with the Word in my mouth and in my heart! Act 3:19.


1 Cor 12:8,Luke 11:24-26, Rev 3:11, Matt 12:43-45,Rev 3:11, Matt 12:43-45,Mark 4:24,Rom 10:6-8,Act 3:19