Monday 29 March - Saturday 3 April

Monday 29 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I am not just a HEARER of the Word. I am a DOER of the Word. I do not act presumptuously or foolishly. I let the Word get down on the inside of me —then I can act in faith. And when I do, results are forthcoming. Col 3:16.

  • All things are mine. If God has it, it belongs to me. Healing and health belong to God, so they belong to me also. I thank God for my healing and health! 1 Cor 3:21, Luke 15:31.

  • All that God has is mine. I am to blame if I do not take it. He has already told me it is mine. I am an heir of God and joint-heir with Jesus Christ. I take what is mine by acting on what God says. Rom 8:17.

  • I act on God’s word and receive my healing. It is not crying and praying that brings results in my life. It is not struggling that brings results in my life. It is acting on the Word that brings results. John 2:5.

  • I am a BELIEVER, believing is my lifestyle, believing is what I do. I do not have to try and get faith. I already have faith. God has given me the measure of faith. It is a gift. So, I simply act in faith on what God says in His Word. I believe that by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed and made whole. Rom 12:3, Eph 2:8; 1 Pet 2:24.

  • God has already blessed me with all there is. There is not anymore. He has blessed me with every spiritual blessing. Divine healing is a spiritual blessing.  I do not need to ask for spiritual blessings. All I need to do is thank God that I have them. All I have to say is, “Father, I thank You for my healing. I thank You for my deliverance.” Eph 1:3.

  • I am a spirit. I have a soul. And I live in a body. Instead of being so concerned about my body—instead of allowing my body to rule me—I let my spirit man, my heart, rule me. As a result, my body lines up with my spirit. 1 Thess 5:23.

  • I speak to my body and tell it to obey the Word. I say to my body, “The Word says that you are healed now, so I demand that you comply.” I do not let my body dominate me in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I do not let my body tell me what to do. I tell my body what it can and cannot do. My spirit dominates my body, and the life of God is in my spirit, that life flows into my body. That life brings divine healing. 1 Cor 9:27

  • I present my body to God as a living sacrifice. And I renew my mind with the Word of God. I do something with my body and my mind. I bring them into subjection to my spirit. Rom 12:1.


Col 3:16,1 Cor 3:21,Luke 15:31,Rom 8:17,John 2:5,Rom 12:3,Eph 2:8;1 Pet 2:24,Eph 1:3,1 Thess 5:23,1 Cor 9:27,Rom 12:1

Tuesday 30 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • God does something with my spirit. He recreates it. But I am supposed to do something with my body and my mind. I present my body to God. And I renew my mind with the Word of God. 2 Cor 5:17.

  • I can have doubt in my head, but still have faith in my heart. I follow my heart. I do not lean unto my own understanding. I trust the Lord with all my heart to bring His Word to pass in my life.  Rom 10:9; Prov 3:5-6.

  • I walk by faith and not by sight. I listen to my spirit. In the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, I laugh. I know that my God is greater than any circumstance! 2 Cor 5:7.

  • I am not moved by what I see. I am not moved by what I feel. I am moved only by what I believe. And I believe that God is working everything out for good, according to His Word. 2 Cor 4:18.

  • Just because another Christian who is considered, mature, spiritual, holy, and separated (or even a minister of the Gospel) does not receive their healing does not mean I cannot receive my healing.  Healing is based on the truth of God’s word alone not on a person’s spirituality or position. I think in line with God’s Word. I look to God’s Word as the authority in my life. I do not look at other people, or the experiences of other people, to determine what is true. I look to the Word of God.  John 17:17.

  • Instead of listening to my body—the physical symptoms of my body—I listen to my spirit man, my heart. I live and walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7.

  • I believe that I receive my healing before I see the manifestation of it because Mark 11:24 says to believe I receive WHEN I PRAY. I believe I receive healing now!

  • I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not unto my own understanding. I believe with my heart. I listen to my heart. I do not listen to my physical senses. I believe that I am healed no matter what my physical senses tell me. Prov 3:5.


2 Cor 5:17,Rom 10:9; Prov 3:5-6,2 Cor 4:18,John 17:17,Mark 11:24,Prov 3:5

Wednesday 31 March - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I set Christ apart as holy in my heart. I acknowledge Him as my Lord and Saviour. I crown God’s Word as the Lord of my life. And faith comes as a natural result. 1 Pet 3:15.

  • I walk by faith in the Word of God, the Word of God is superior to natural human knowledge, whether that knowledge is mine, or someone else’s. Human knowledge—sense knowledge—is always limited but the Word of God is perfect. Prov 3:6-7.

  • The Word of God is perfect, and it meets every crisis of my life. It holds the answer to every problem or need of my life. I trust the Word with all of my heart, a quietness, or a rest, comes into my spirit. I know that according to the Word of God, I am healed. So, I rest in that fact.  Ps 18:30.

  • We know that spiritual things are superior to physical things. God, a Spirit, created physical things. We know that spiritual forces are stronger than physical forces. And we know that greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. The Greater One within us is Master of disease and weakness. And we trust in Him with all of our hearts. He rises up in us and gives illumination. 1 John 4:4, 1 John 2:20;27.

  • The Greater One in me is greater than sickness and disease, and He is greater than the devil and demons. He is greater than any force or power that can come against me. He is greater than any test or temptation I may be facing. And He will put me over. He causes me to triumph over sickness and disease. 2 Cor 2:14.

  • I attend to God’s sayings. I put them first place in my life. I listen to what God says, rather than the words of people. I believe that God is with me. I believe that God is in me. He puts me over in life. Prov 4:20.

  • Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.  The God of the universe is in me! He who spoke the worlds into existence is with me! I do not have to be weak, or helpless, or afraid. God is strengthening me. He is helping me. He is upholding me with the right hand of His righteousness. Is 41:10.

  • God is on my side. He is with me. I will live and not die. I will declare the works of the Lord. Ps 118:6;17.

  • I love the Word. I love the truth. I get thrilled about the truth. I get excited about the truth. And I see it working for me. Is 41:10.


1 Pet 3:15,Prov 3:6-7,Ps 18:30,1 John 4:4, 1 John 2:20;27,2 Cor 2:14,Prov 4:20,Is 41:10,Ps 118:6;17

Thursday 1 April - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • All that I receive from God is received through faith. It is always with the heart that I believe and with the mouth that I confess.  With my heart I believe for my healing, and with my mouth confession is made unto my healing. Everything I receive from God comes this way. Rom 10:10.

  • I set a watch on my mouth. I only speak what I believe in my heart that lines up with God’s Word. I believe that I am healed. I believe that I am well. I believe it in my heart, and I speak it out of my mouth. Mark 11:23.

  • I know that death and life are in the power of my tongue. I line my words up with what God says about me. I believe that I am healed, so I constantly speak words of health and healing out of my mouth. Prov 18:21.

  • My confession is an important part of my claim for healing.  I read and study the Word to find out what belongs to me in Christ—what I have as a result of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Then I confess it and I walk in the light of that knowledge Rom 10:9.

  • I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. I have the life and nature of God in me. I have been redeemed from the hand of the enemy. I am no longer in the kingdom of darkness. I am in the Kingdom of light. Jesus is Lord of my life—and He has health and healing, not sickness and disease in his kingdom and under his lordship. 2 Cor 5:17; Col 1:13; Rom 10:9.

  • Devil, you have no right to trespass on my body. You have no right to put sickness and disease on me. Sickness and disease are of you; they are not of God. God is not the author of sickness and disease, so I boldly tell you devil, “No trespassing!”. You shall not trespass on my property. You have no right to trespass on my body. You have no right to put sickness and disease on me. I resist you in Jesus’ Name. Luke 10:19.

  • I take heed to the Word of God on healing and health.  I attend to it. I receive it with an open mind and an open heart. I meditate on it and speak it forth out of my heart, “It’s mine!” Josh 1:8.

  • Father all that you have is mine.  I receive what you have for me by faith. By believing in my heart and speaking with my mouth, I receive salvation, healing, and all the blessings of God. Luke 15:31.

  • I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. I confess these things from my heart. And as a result, I have what the Bible says I can have. Num 14:28.


Rom 10:10,Mark 11:23,Prov 18:21,2 Cor 5:17; Col 1:13; Rom 10:9,Luke 10:19,Josh 1:8,Luke 15:31,Num 14:28

Friday 2 April - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • God’s thoughts and ways are higher than my thoughts and ways. I renew my mind with the Word of God so that I can think God’s thoughts and know His ways. Is 55:8-9.

  • I walk by faith in God’s Word, rather than what I can see with my physical eyes. I believe I am who God says I am and that I can do what God says I can do. I brag about who I am in Christ and what God has done for me. 2 Cor 5:7.

  • God has given me all things that pertain to life and godliness. I speak out what belongs to me in Christ. I thank God for all of His many blessings! 2 Pet 1:3.

  • I choose to think God’s thoughts. I search the Word of God to find out what God says about me and my situation. Then I apply the Word to my life. I think on it, believe it, and speak it out of my mouth! Phil 4:8, Is 55:8-9.

  • I keep my confession in line with what God says in His Word. I glorify God with a right confession. I speak forth what has grown out of the faith in my heart. And I enforce the devil’s defeat in every situation of life. Rom 10:10.

  • I give Jesus dominion over my life by confessing Him as my Lord. Then He begins to rule in my life.  However, when I confess Satan’s ability to hinder me, to keep me from success, to hold me in bondage, or to keep me sick, I am opening the door to Satan because he is the god of this world. So, I keep the door closed on the devil. I do not allow him into any part of my life. I keep a watch on the words of my mouth, only speaking those things that bring glory and honour to God. Ps 141:3.

  • I do not talk sickness. I talk healing and health. I talk in line with God’s Word. And I see the fruit of my words manifest in my own life.  By my words I am justified.  Matt 12:37. Prov 18:20-21.

  • 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” God has not given me a spirit of fear. I confess only what God has given me. I confess healing and health because this is what God has given me. I do not confess sickness or disease. Sickness and disease are from Satan.

  • I do not talk fear.  God has not given me a spirit of fear. I am not afraid of sickness and disease. I confess that I have a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind and this is what is becoming a reality in my life. 2 Tim 1:7.


Is 55:8-9,2 Cor 5:7,2 Pet 1:3,Phil 4:8,Rom 10:10,Ps 141:3,Matt 12:37,Prov 18:20-21,2 Tim 1:7

Saturday 3 April - Declarations of Healing and Health

  • I do not confess any doubts I may have about being healed. Confessing my doubts hinders my spiritual growth. I am a believer, so I confess my beliefs. I doubt my doubts and believe my beliefs. And doing this will put me over in the area of healing and every other area of my life. Matt 21:21.

  • I am a believer. I do not doubt the Word of God. I BELIEVE the Word of God. I resist doubt and fear, for they come from the enemy. And I receive faith and love because they come from the Father up above. Matt 14:30-31.

  • I search and find out what God’s Word say about my healing.  Then I believe it and confess it. I continually practice God’s Word. I continually give it first place in my life. I magnify his Word above any symptoms or feelings. Ps 138:2.

  • I will not let my past mistakes, failures or faults hinder my faith for healing from working. Every time the devil brings a picture of my past mistakes, I will confess what God says instead of confessing how I feel about it.  1 John 1:9.

  • I confess that God is not holding my past mistakes against me. He has forgiven me and forgotten them. I can stand in the Presence of God as though I had never done anything wrong, and I therefore take my healing. Matthew 9:5-7.

  • Healing is in God’s plan of redemption, so it belongs to me. And faith for obtaining my healing and maintaining my health comes the same way that faith for obtaining salvation came —by hearing the Word of God preached. Rom 10:10.

  • I confess that I receive faith to be healed by hearing the Gospel, the Word of God. And then I act on my faith! Act 14:8-10.

  • I want everything God has for me. I want the best. I do not want to just get into Heaven by the skin of my teeth. It is God’s will that I live out my full length of time down here on the earth. It is God’s plan that I live without sickness and disease and eventually just fall asleep in Jesus. And since this is God's will, I am determined to walk in it. Ps 91:16.


Matt 21:21,Matt 14:30-31,Ps 138:2,1 John 1:9,Matthew 9:5-7,Rom 10:10,Act 14:8-10,Ps 91:16