Week 1 : peace in ukraine

Wednesday 2 - Sunday 6 March

  • O Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace with deep sorrow and concern, we cry out to you about this war now occurring in Ukraine. We long for you to arrest this violence and destruction. We ask you to bring this war to a just end. (Isaiah 9:6),
  • Father you are Jehovah-Shalom, The Lord Our Peace, you are the one who makes wars cease. You break the bow and shatter the spear; You burn the shields with fire. Father, arrest and disarm the forces of Russia. (Psalms 46:9, Judges 6:24).
  • We seek peace. We pray against nationalistic aggression, with all its abusive power and self-justified violence, we pray against militarism and Russia’s overwhelming tools of destruction. (Psalm 20:6-9; Ex 15:21).
  • We pray for your protection over all innocent victims in this conflict. Father we know that you always hear the cries of the innocent sufferers––especially those of women and children, who are most often among the greatest victims of violence and war. We stand in the gap for them. (Ezek 22:30; Psalm 82:3).
  • We pray for the leaders all over the world – especially the key players, those from the NATO countries. Lord grant them the wisdom to navigate these extremely tough times and to bring this conflict to a swift end. (1 Tim 2:1-2).
  • We speak a wisdom that is pure, peaceable, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere - We speak the wisdom from above into their lives. A wisdom that will deescalate the situation and help bring this war to a swift end. (James 3:17)
  • Lord, the king’s heart is still a stream water in your hands. We ask you to turn the Russian leader's heart to peace. If he continues to harden his heart, we ask for your judgement.  You are still the judge of all the earth. The God that does what is right. (Prov 21:1, Psalm 103:6; Psalm 149:4-9; Gen 18:25).
  • We pray for the Russian Christians, that they would raise their prayers and voice toward tje Russian government to stop the aggression; [that they] would not keep silent.
  • We pray for the Ukrainian Christians, that they will serve and live as the community of hope in a full sense of this term; that during these terrible times they would invite more and more people to the relationships with God and His children, to the relationships of love, hope, encouragement, and support. (Act 8:1-4).
  • Lord, we remind you that it is your will that your people in Ukraine lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. Lord you have many people in Ukraine. (1 Tim 2:1-2; Act 18:10).


Isaiah 9:6,Psalms 46:9,Judges 6:24,Psalm 20:6-9,Exo 15:21,Ezek 22:30,Psalm 82:3,1 Tim 2:1-2,James 3:17,Prov 21:1,Psalm 103:6,Psalm 149:4-9,Gen 18:25,Act 18:10