Week 03 - Pray One For Another

Monday  14 March - Being my Brother's Keeper

  • Father in the name of Jesus I dedicate this week to praying your word and your will for  (insert name here), your precious child.  You chose them before you formed them in the womb, you set them apart before they were born, you appointed them to the nations. (Jer 1:4-5; John 15:16).

  • I am standing in the gap for (insert name here) this week. Yes, I take responsibility as my brother's keeper. (Gen 4:8-10). This week  I will not only think about my own needs and concerns, I am interceding for my brother/sister. I am bearing my brother/sister's burden in the place of intercession. (Gal 6:2).

  • Father, we live in a selfish world and sometimes we get sucked into it but this week I am determined to value my brother/sister’s interest above mine and not look only to my own interests. (Phil 2:3-4, Act 20:35).

  • Father, I remind myself that in praying for them, I am actually praying for myself.  For we are both a part of the same body, the body of Christ. (1 Cor 12:27).

  • Father, Your word says that we should pray for one another that we might be healed. (James 5:16).  We know that this scripture is specifically referring to physical healing but it also reveals your nature as a God who is eager to heal or restore.  You want my brother/sister to be “healed and made whole” in every area of their lives.  (Act 3:19-21, 1Pet 5:10; 3 John 2).

  • Father, I agree with your word and declare that (insert name here) will prosper and be in good health always, all the days of their life.  This is your will concerning them and you will fulfil it. (3 John 2,Ps 138:8).


Jer 1:4-5;John 15:16,Gen 4:8-10,Gal 6:2,Phil 2:3-4,Act 20:35;1 Cor 12:27,Act 3:19-21,1Pet 5:10;3 John 2,Ps 138.8

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Tuesday 15  March - Healing and Health

  • Father, I pray for (insert name here)'s health. Nothing is enjoyable without good health (1 Tim 6:17) and we are limited in how much we can serve you and others without good health.  

  • In Jesus' name, sickness and disease will no longer have dominion over them because Jesus took their infirmities and bore their sicknesses. By his wounds, they are healed. (Matt 8:17, 1 Pet 2:24, Is 53:4-5).

  • We speak to every organ and every tissue of their bodies and we say that they are healed and made whole from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet.  Jesus has paid the full price for their total deliverance.

  • We declare that the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in them and that spirit is giving life to their physical bodies and driving out any and every sickness and disease and any and every symptom in Jesus' name.

  • Healing is the children’s bread. Healing is a covenant right.   (insert name here) is entitled to walk free of sickness and diseases so that they can serve you freely with all their heart and all their soul, and all their mind, and all their strength (Mk 12:30-31).

  • Sickness and disease are a curse of the law (Deut 28).  (insert name here) is redeemed from the curse of the law because Jesus became a curse for them. (Gal 3:13). 

  • I declare that they are delivered from every plague and every sickness, including those of long continuance (Deut 28:59).

  • I declare that God will bear up  (insert name here) when they are gray. The God that made them will be the same in their old age.  He made them and will carry them, He will bear them and rescue them from every and any sickness and disease associated with old age. (Is 46:4).


1 Tim 6:17;Matt 8:17, 1 Pet 2:24, Is 53:4-5,Mk 12:30-31,Deut 28:59,Is 46:4

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Wednesday 16  March - Prosperity and Provision

  • (insert name here), I pray that you may prosper in every way and that your body may keep well. (3 John 2). God wants you to prosper.

  • In Jesus' name, I declare that God will make all grace, every favour and earthly blessing come to you in abundance. 

  • You will always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient. 

  • You will require no aid or support and be furnished in abundance for very good work and charitable donation. (2 Cor 9:8).

  • My God will liberally supply, fill to the full, your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus - According to the economy of heaven and not according to the economy of any nation anywhere. (Phil 4:19).

  • God does not require an economy or infrastructure to supply your needs.  If he was able to supply manna and quail to the nation of Israel in a desert with no economy or infrastructure he can and will do the same for you if it becomes necessary. (Exo 12:37, Exo 15:11-16).

  • Work is a part of God’s plan for our lives.  (Eph 4:28;2 Tim 3:10). However, your work or businesses are not the sources of your provision. God is your source. (1 Cor 8:6)

  • God will supply all your needs even if you are unable to work.  He has proven this with the birds of the air that neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns and with the lilies of the field that neither toil nor spin.   He is still your Jehovah-Jireh. (Matt 6:25-31, Gen 22:14).

3 John 2,2 Cor 9:8,Phil 4:19,Exo 12:37,Exo 15:11-16,Eph 4:28;2 Tim 3:10,1 Cor 8:6,Matt 6:25-31,Gen 22:14

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Thursday  17  March - Guidance and leading.

  • (insert name here), today I make declarations concerning the leading of the Lord in your life.   Jesus is your Shepherd and you are his sheep.  He calls you by name and he brings and leads you out of danger, problems or trouble. You listen to and heed only to his voice. 

  • Jesus leads you always and you follow only him because you recognise his voice.  You will never on any account follow a stranger, but run away from him, because you do not know the voice of strangers or recognise their call. (John 10:2-5).

  • Jesus the Good Shepherd, always knows and recognises you because you are his own, and you know and always recognise him because he is yours  - even as truly as the Father knows him and he also knows the Father. (John 10:15.)

  • I declare that your steps are directed, established and ordered by the Lord as you delight in his way and busy yourself with his footsteps. If you fall, you will not be utterly cast down for the Lord grasps your hand in support and upholds you. (Ps 37:23-24).

  • You are a child of God and therefore led by the Spirit of God (John 1:12; Rom 8:14).  

  • The Holy Spirit is in you. He guides you into all the truth - the whole truth, full truth. He tells you whatever he hears from the father.   He is revealing to you things that are to come. Things that will happen in your future.  (John 16:12-14).

  • You are anointed. You have been anointed by the Holy Spirit. You have been given an unction from the Holy Spirit and know, discern and recognise that which is the truth.  (1 John 2:20).

  • The anointing, the unction which you have received from God by the Holy Spirit abides in you permanently. That anointing teaches you concerning everything and always helps you identify that which is true and it never lies. (1 John 2:27, John 14:16).  


 John 10:2-5,John 10:15,Ps 37:23-24,John 1:12,Rom 8:14,John 16:12-14,1 John 2:20,1 John 2:27, John 14:16

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Friday  18  March - Safety and Protection

  • (insert name here), God is your refuge and your strength. Your very present help in trouble.  Therefore you will not fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea. (Ps 46:1-2).

  • The angels of the Lord encamp around you because you fear his name and they deliver you. You are blessed because you take refuge in him.   You lack nothing. (Ps 34:7-9).

  • (insert name here), No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against in judgement we condemn. (Is 54:17).

  • God will keep you as the apple of his eye, he will hide you in the shadow of his wings, from the wicked that want to oppress you, from the deadly enemies that try to surround you. (Ps 17:8-9).

  • So do not fear, for God is with you. Do not be dismayed for Jehovah is your God. He is strengthening you and helping you. He is upholding you with the right hand of his righteousness. (Is 41:10).

  • All who are enraged against you will be ashamed and disgraced and those who contend with you will become as nothing and will perish. You will look for those who contend with you, but you will not find them.  Those who war against you will become absolutely nothing.  (Is 41:10-12).

  • In Jesus' name, the Lord will rescue you from every evil work and bring you safely into his heavenly kingdom.  He will strengthen you and protect you against the evil one. (2 Time 4:18;2 Thess 3:3).

  • The Lord will protect you from all harm; he will protect your life.  He will protect your coming and going both now and forever. (Ps 121:7-8).

  • (insert name here), do not be frightening or intimidated in any way by your opponents. This will be a sign of destruction for them, but for you, it will be a sign of salvation and deliverance from God.  (Phil 1:28).


Ps 46:1-2,Ps 34:7-9,Is 54:17,Ps 17:8-9,Is 41:10-12,2 Time 4:18,2 Thess 3:3,Ps 121:7-8,Phil 1:28

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Saturday  19  March - Breakthrough in work, business, ministry, side hustle, project

  • Father, thank you for the good works that you prepared in advance for (insert name here) to do. (Ephesians 2:10).
  • I praise you for the good things (skills, talents, intellect, ability, physical strength) that you have deposited in him/her. (James 1:17,Exodus 31:3-5).

  • In Jesus' name, I pray that (insert name here) skills will make room for him/her, and his/her work will be significant, noticed by significant people in significant places. (Proverbs 22:29).

  • In Jesus' name,  (insert name here) you will boldly exercise the gifts of the spirit so that God can be glorified, and His church can be built up. (Romans 12:3-8).

  • In Jesus' name, I declare that (insert name here)’s light will shine before people at work, in business, in ministry etc that people may see God in them and be drawn to Him. (Matthew 5:14-16).

  • In Jesus' name, I declare that the works of (insert name here)’s hands are blessed and that he/she will not toil in vain. (Proverbs 10:22,Genesis 26:12.

  • (insert name here), receive (from the Lord) divine promotion in every aspect of your work in Jesus' name. (Genesis 26:12, Psalm 75:6).


Ephesians 2:10,James 1:17,Exodus 31:3-5,Romans 12:3-8,Matthew 5:14-16,Proverbs 10:22,Genesis 26:12,Genesis 26:12,Psalm 75:6

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Sunday 20 March - Breakthrough for the Future 

  • Father, I thank you that (insert name here)’s future (career, health, marriage, family, children, plans, work, savings, academics, business etc) is secured in you (Jeremiah 29:11). 

  • Lord, I thank you that you have equipped him/her with everything good for now and the future to enable him to do your will (Hebrews 13:20-21). 

  • In Jesus' name, (insert name here) receives wisdom to enable him/her to live a purposeful life, (James 1:5), 

  • Father, we put our trust in you and commit (insert name here)’s future into your hands, (Proverbs 3:5-6), 

  • Lord, give him/her insight to understand the times, and knowledge to know what he/she should start to do in preparation for the future you have prepared for him/her.  (1 Chronicles 12:32). 

  • Lord, help (insert name here) to live with care, as a wise person and make the most of every opportunity. Grant him/her understanding to know your will (Ephesians 5:15-20). 

  • Lord, I thank you for you are his/her portion and you make his/her  lot secure. (Psalm 16:5).