Women of Purpose

Women have varied views when asked what is their purpose in life, and religion, society and circumstances may influence these views. However, one common thread across the varied views tends to be that a society whose women live fulfilled lives are better off than those whose women do not. God values women and it is important that women hold the same image about themselves and live according to His will. Women thrive in an environment full of support and encouragement and help each other to tap into the opportunities available to them. A network of support, as provided by this ministry, is vital to women pursuing their purpose.

what we do

Women are wells of information and ideas. We believe that what has been learnt or achieved by one woman, becomes by virtue of our common womanhood, the legacy of everyone. We provide a platform that enables women to share their gifts and talents with each other.

Our activities include:
Events, programmes,
Praise and fellowship.
Celebrating each other through weddings,
baby showers,
social gatherings,
and more.