wED 18TH MARCH 7.30PM -postponed

Covid-19: Responding to the Government's announcement

In view of the Prime Minister's announcement today, myself and Rev. Bolanta have agreed to postpone this meeting . 

We as a church are also taking precautionary measures as advised by the government by holding our Friday and Sunday meetings as prayer meetings by conference until further notice.

I also ask that we familiarise ourselves the government's recommendations and take the necessary precautions even if we don't have the virus. A good place to start is here.

Finally, I want to remind us that God's Word is the final authority in our lives as believers. These events serve as a reminder that Christ's return is drawing closer. So, this is not the first pandemic and may not be the last. Let's see this situation as a test and let us use it as an opportunity to bolster our immune systems with the 91st Psalm.

Please remember to tell anybody you've invited to Wednesday's meeting that it is now postponed.

Thank you.

Adebayo Ademiju