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A Firm Foundation

Building A Firm Foundation
No generation has ever demanded to see the reality of the Christian faith than ours. And rightly so, because society has seen the failings of people not ‘walking the talk’. As a result, many people’s perceptions about the church are not healthy, and many are skeptical about getting involved. Our course ‘Building A Firm Foundation’ provides vital information for getting the basics of the Christian faith right.

What we do
‘Building A Firm Foundation’ is an instructor-led but interactive modular one-day course covering the basics of establishing an on-going personal relationship with Christ and understanding the basic principles and practices of the Christian life. The course also explores the rights, roles and responsibilities of members of the Oasis of Love.

How you can be part of us

  • If you are a new believer or are exploring the Christian faith, this course is an excellent opportunity to get the basics right, enroll now.
  • If you have learnt to get it right after faltering steps, and wish to share your testimony with others in our sessions, please let us know.
  • If you want to be part of a church, but are not sure and want to explore whether the Oasis of Love is the right place for you, get in touch and enroll on the course.