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Week 7: The Body of Christ – The Church in Our Nation

Monday 25 March – Prayer of Thanksgiving for the body!
According to information from the ‘House of Goods’ report for 2020 and 2021, the Church building generated huge income for the nation’s economy, showing that our buildings are not just the “House of God” but the “House of Good.” That’s something to thank God for!! We are a force not just for spiritual growth but also for economic growth in every nation.

In 2020, our ground-breaking report demonstrated that the total economic and social value that church buildings generate in the UK is at least £12.4 billion per year, which averages around £300,000 per Church. That is roughly equal to the total NHS spending on mental health in England in 2018.

The latest 2021 research shows that the annual social and economic value of church buildings in the UK is worth around £55 billion. This sum, calculated using the latest HM Treasury Green Book guidance, includes the contribution churches make to wellbeing and local economies.”

See more information about the report here: https://www.houseofgood.nationalchurchestrust.org/

1 Thess 5:18 NIV; Col 3:15 KJV; Col; 4:2 ESV.


 Prayer of Thanksgiving

  • We thank God for the body of Christ and the Church in the UK and worldwide.
  • For the great legacy of all aspects of the country rooted in the word from the beginning.
  • We thank God for the missionaries from the UK and other parts of the world.
  • We thank God for the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church in the UK.
  • We thank God for the diversity of denominations represented, the heads of those denominations, and the part they all play in the body.
  • We thank God that despite the satanic agenda to divide and bring disunity, we are waxing strong.
  • We thank God for parachurches whose ministries complement the Church and provide much-needed relief for us.
  • We thank God for the Chinese Church, which has become the fastest-growing Church in the UK.
  • We thank God for the Church of God is matching on.
  • We are seeing growth and impact.
  • We thank God for all Christian leaders who contribute to Church growth in the UK and around the world.
  • We thank God that we will witness as it was in Paul’s time according to Act 13:44 NLT: “The following week almost the entire city turned out to hear them preach the word of the Lord.”


Father, we thank you for the privilege of calling us into the Body of Christ to play our parts. We thank you for all you’ve done and for your patience always. We know you are committed to building your Church, and that’s our confidence. May the God of all hope fill our hearts with joy and peace as we trust him so that we may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!!

Matt. 26:26 NIV

Tuesday 26 March – Unity and Diversity in the Body

Eph 4:16 ESV; 1 Cor 12:12-26 ESV

I often wondered what type of detail Apostle Paul could have received in letter that made him write 1 Corinthians 12-14 to the Church there! PLEASE read again, and let’s come up with revelation!!!

In 1 Corinthians 12:1, Paul starts by addressing the gift of the Spirit and says in the first verse, “I do not want you to be uninformed”…it sounded like they were not informed about how to serve each other, amongst other things. My people perish for lack of knowledge.


Prayer Points

  • Let us pray for where people have been uninformed about plans, intentions, and gifts in the body of Christ.
  • Pray for the opening of eyes. People that have created mistrust, division, and distrust due to people’s gifts, calling and usage that have led to abuse.
  • We pray for revelation knowledge of the word for the body of Christ.
  • Uninformed Churches growing uninformed congregations.
  • We deploy the move of the Holy Spirit to bring truth, teach truth and guide people to all truth.
  • We pray that OLCC will be a pioneer in unity in their area.


Paul wrote in the chapter addressing issues around:

– Comparison
– Conflict
– Competition
– Confusion
– ⁠condemnation


Prayer Points:

  • We pray against all these above that we will live authentically, content, and happy.
  • We take authority over low self-esteem, which makes people compare themselves, and we declare believers walk in Godliness and contentment, which is a great grain.
  • We cancel every form of confusion, for our God is not the author of confusion.
  • We declare clarity of purpose, oneness of heart, and unity of purpose.
  • We declare all parts honour each other.
  • We declare that as a church, OLCC is a place for the full expression of gifts of the Spirit.
  • We declare that OLCC is a nurturing church.
  • We declare OLCC to be an intentionally inclusive church.
  • We declare and trust that every part knows the place and understands/believes they are loved, valuable, seen, supported, and honoured!
  • We declare no part will feel unworthy in Jesus’ name.


1 Cor 11:23-26 NIV

Wednesday 27 March – Do it Jesus’ way!!
Paul again encouraged the Church in Philippi to live their lives as Christians. He admonished them that if they were to grow, they must walk in humility, just like Jesus Christ did!

Phil 2:1-8 NIV

Prayer Points:

  • We pray that the body of Christ will be like-minded in the exegesis of the word.
  • That the body will have the same love of Jesus and be of the same mind so the world will not be confused by the diversity of doctrines, practices, and teachings.
  • That the body will be in one Spirit and of one mind in matters relating to the fundamental matters of faith.
  • That we will do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit like the Tower of Babel builders.
  • But in humility, we will value and honour others above ourselves.
  • Each of us will look to the interests of others and not our own.
  • That we will take the position of servant, serving each other in humility.
  • Every unrealised potential is released in Jesus’ name.
  • Every disabled part is activated to fulfil destiny.
  • Every misaligned part be realigned.
  • Every dislocated part be relocated and restored.
  • Every underdeveloped part receives the intervention and flourishes.
  • We receive grace to grow together in Jesus’ name.
  • Grace to cover each other’s weaknesses we receive.
  • Grace to commit to bringing out the best in others we receive in Jesus’ name.
  • We also receive grace to love unconditionally.
  • Grace to be intentional about honouring the leader God put in charge to lead in our churches so they don’t feel used, abused, and discouraged.
  • Grace to do it all Jesus’ way!


Luke 24:30-32 NIV

Thursday 28 March – The Scattering of Seeds, the Gathering of People, and the Harvest
The parable of the Sowers challenges our ‘safety nest’ in evangelism and spreading the gospel; it is a reminder that it is a FAITH thing, not a strategy thing! It is a COMPASSION thing and not a CAUTIOUS thing! It is a COURAGEOUS thing, not a CAREFULNESS thing! The story calls us into missions Jesus’ way, where people are prioritised above properties and teaching of the word above technological sophistication! If we are to see the body of Christ effective in our primary calling of the great commission to ‘go ye,’ we must do it by faith, inclusively, and scatter the seeds!

The passage below starts by showing us Jesus’ effort of coming ‘out of the house’ he went OUT…. He had to leave his house to SEE the crowd gathering around him! He taught them outside of his house! Perhaps God wants to grow his church through our coming out to serve the needs of our community.

  • The body of Christ is called to GO OUT and SCATTER the SEEDS everywhere! Not STAY IN!
  • When was the last time you “Went out of your house” to share the gospel?
  • When was the last time you invested time in planning how to ‘go out’ to win souls?
  • When was the last time the church “went out” to the community to serve their needs?
  • I pray that this fasting season is a great time to reflect on that!

Mark Green’s book you are reading speaks about doing that in your frontline.

Matthew 13:1-9 ESV; Genesis 11:3-4 NIV


Prayer Points:

  • We pray that, like the farmer, we will spread our seeds everywhere in faith, knowing that God, who brings increase in 30, 60, and 100 folds, will do it.
  • We receive boldness to come out of our house and serve the needs of the community.
  • We pray for the God of harvest to prepare the hearts of everyone.
  • We that the body of Christ will RISE up to their calling for the great commission.
  • We pray that OLCC will align with the call and serve their communities for good. You will not only be a “house of God” but also a “House of Good.”
  • We pray that the body of Christ will not seek to make a name for itself but to make Jesus known.
  • That we will NOT be ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation.
  • That the body of Christ will come out of confinement and its comfort zone.
  • May OLCC be blessed with audacious faith to scatter seeds and reap the harvest.


Act 2:42-44 NIV

Friday 29 March Church Growth and the Role of Women
I believe very much in my gender (no offence to men). I see women as one of God’s secret weapons for church growth. We see the roles women play throughout history in supporting men of God throughout the scriptures and the role women played in church growth.  God is raising women in this season who are ready to ‘Go Ye’!

Lydia was a remarkable, influential woman, business owner, and lover of God who became a convert and the first female convert in Europe!  Her decision also caused her household to become believers. She was generous, hospitable, kind and left a great legacy.  Her home was a meeting place for Paul and his followers; she was a woman of faith, strong conviction, and compassion. We see how when Paul came out of prison, he went straight to her!  Her influence in church growth meant that every 18th of April, a holiday is set to recognise her in Greece! She was remarkable!

Act 16:6-16;40 NIV

Prayer Points:

  • That God will raise for the body of Christ, more faithful and faith-filled women like Lydia who will be a kingdom financier and evangelist.
  • We pray the body of Christ understand that there is NO secular or sacred divide, and all our work is a tool in God’s hands.
  • We pray for boldness to witness to all our families the “as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord.”
  • We pray for women who will use their talents, gifts, and all to grow the church.
  • We pray for women, who through full expression of their gifts, the church grows.
  • We pray that the Lord will open the hearts of God’s daughters like he did with Lydia to respond to the teaching.
  • Be loving enough to cover their weaknesses.
  • Be approachable enough to respond when you’re asked.
  • Be generous enough to spend time with people who don’t look like you and generous enough to assist without questioning.
  • Women who will be good stewards of God’s gift in their hands.


Read the passage and receive revelation to pray for your homes and your hope! When we come together, something beautiful comes from it, and then we can truly Celebrate each other.

Saturday 30 March – Healthy Leaders, Healthy Church
According to Barna’s report released on 21st March 2023, 40% of Pastors have considered leaving the ministry. Many battle depression and feel lonely and burnt out. It is important to always pray for them and their households, too.

We know when Jesus calls, He equips accordingly. In the passage, Jesus sent the apostles out just like He has sent out leaders – including OLCC and its leaders. Jesus called them, imparted them, gave authority and POWER to heal. Verse 6 showed us that they used authority and power to heal everywhere they went. The difference perhaps was they went with the WONDERFUL news of God’s Kingdom…. And healed.

Luke 9:1-6 TPT; Ps 42:1;  NIV; Ps 46:10 NIV; Eph 3:16 NLT; Phil 4:6-7 NIV; Exod 25:40


Prayer points:

  • We declared that our pastors and church leaders will know they have been imparted by Jesus and have authority in his name, so there is no need for showmanship.
  • We declare that all our pastors will step into the miraculous so the world may know the Kingdom has arrived!
  • We pray that their private ministry will not suffer at the expense of their public one.
  • That they will never be too busy for intimacy and deep study of the Word.
  • That they will thirst for the living water as the deer pants for water.
  • They will always thirst for more of God.
  • They will be still and know that he is God.
  • We pray that they will be empowered in their inner strength by the Spirit.
  • They will build according to what God told them, not fall into societal patterns.
  • They will be anxious for nothing.
  • That the love and peace of God will guard their hearts
  • We pray for their families, their hopes, and dreams that their expectations shall not be cut off.
  • Let us pray in the Holy Spirit and thank God for sustaining us for seven weeks.